Installing A Door Knob Plate

Installing a doorknob plate is crucial to installing a doorknob, as this plate is the part of the doorknob that holds the screws that keep the knob in place.

Step One - Measuring

Use the doorknob plate to ensure the hole to be drilled (or may already exist in the door) is the correct size for your doorknob. Measuring correctly is crucial to ensure proper functionality of a doorknob.

Step Two – Drilling Holes

Upon the installation of your doorknob, after drilling the necessary holes and ensuring proper alignment of the latch and holes, the doorknob plate will be placed under the doorknob on the outer part of the door. This way the lock mechanism can be screwed through it into the faceplate.

The doorknob plate should not be mistaken with the strike plate. This is installed in the doorframe to catch the latch, but is rather a part of the actual doorknob. Door knob plates also come in many different styles, but no matter the style, be sure to follow all directions and measure correctly to ensure proper installation.