Installing a Dryer Vent to Code Requirements

Installing a dryer vent in your house is very important. Without a dryer vent, your basement can become covered with thick layers of lint that will not only make your basement look dirty, but also make your place prone to lint fire. Since a dryer vent is very important to prevent fire, many states around the country have strict rules and regulations when it comes to its installation. To help you install your dryer bent to code requirements, here is what you should do.

Know the Building Code of Your Area

If you are planning to install the dryer vent yourself, you should acquaint yourself with the building rules and regulations in your area before you install a dryer vent in your home. You can easily get the information you need regarding building requirements from your local government unit or local building authority.

Complying With Local Code Requirements

For easy compliance with the local building code, get a checklist of requirements from your local building authorities. You will need to produce all the documents in the checklist to apply for a permit to install a dryer vent.

Constructing Your Vent

After getting your permit from the local building authority, you may now start constructing your dryer vent according to the construction plan that you submitted when you applied for a permit. Make sure that you do not make any major diversions from the approved construction plan to avoid penalties.