Installing a Fan in a Vaulted Ceiling

Installing a fan on a vaulted ceiling is somewhat more complicated than installing a fan on a normal ceiling. There are two extra problems when it comes to installing a fan on a vaulted ceiling: the angle of the ceiling presents a problem which interferes with the fan’s movement, and the mounting component of the fan kit will be designed for a horizontal ceiling. However, you can find your way around these problems using some special mounting brackets and extending the fan using the rod. This will allow the fan to be low enough so that the ceiling does not get in the way of the blades.

Tools and Materials

  • Electric fan kit
  • Extension rod
  • Vaulted ceiling mounting bracket
  • Ladder
  • Screwdrivers set
  • Electric tape
  • Wire caps

Step 1 – Make Preparations

As is the case before starting any electrical work, turn off the mains power supply at the main circuit breaker box. If there is an existing fan already in place, remove it first. You should be able to remove it simply by unscrewing the mounting bracket and gently bringing it down from the ceiling. You will also need to disconnect the wiring. The following steps assume that you already have the electrical wiring in place so that you can simply wire the fan in. If you do not, then you may want to leave an electrician to do this job for you as it is quite complicated and can be dangerous if incorrectly installed.

Step 2 – Install Mounting Bracket

You will need a special mounting bracket so that the fan can be installed onto the vaulted ceiling. These are also known as cathedral mounting brackets. When you have this, you need to mount it on to the electrical supply making sure that the angled side leans against the ceiling with the downward facing side being horizontal. There should be mounting screws supplied. Attach the bracket to the ceiling and drag the wiring down through the bracket. For further information, refer to the diagram that comes with the mounting bracket.

Step 3 - Assemble and Install Fan

Assemble the fan as directed to by the instructions. At this point, however, do not install the blades. Attach the extension rod to the mounting bracket which you have already installed. Run the wires through the extension rod. With somebody helping you by passing up the fan assembly, attach these to the extension rod. The wires from the fan need to be connected to those coming out from the ceiling. They should be color coded. Simply connect the black wire to the other black wire and the white to the white. To connect them, twist wire caps over them. There should also be a copper ground wire which will need to be attach to the green screw in the fan assembly itself.

Step 4 – Finish Up

Carefully place the wiring back into the mounting bracket. There will be mounting screws provided allowing you to attach the top of the fan to the mounting bracket. Turn on the power to test the motor but do not leave it on for long. Finally, if everything is working as intended, install the blades of the fan.