Installing a Fence Post on Angled Concrete Footing

Installing a fence post on an angled concrete footing requires more work than installing it on a flat concrete surface. This is especially true when a post holder will be installed as part of the post. Nonetheless, the installation is not impossible.


The process will require a drill, concrete bit, fence posts, concrete mix specifically made for post holes, mortar patch mix, and some stakes or marker. Determine where to install the fence posts in the concrete. This can be done by using markers or stakes, that is, if the stakes can be driven into the concrete to serve as markers.

Check the location of the markers if they are level by running a string along each fence line. Call for another person to hold the other end of the string or simply secure it to the ground with a heavy object. Adjust the markers until they are all level.

Purchasing or Making Fence Posts

You can either buy the fence posts from a local supply store or make them yourself. The posts should be made of durable material such as wood or metal. If the material is made of wood, purchase post holders to hold the post in place.

Digging Post Holes

This will require a concrete drill bit. First, determine the shape, diameter and depth of the hole. For posts that will be buried into the concrete, it is best to drill a circular hole. For posts that will be installed with holders, the shape of the hole should conform to the base of the holder, usually a square. Mark the perimeter or circumference of the hole.

Always wear protective gloves, glasses and dust mask before drilling. Using a drill and a concrete bit, drill through the entire circumference one point at a time. Use a hammer and a chisel to remove the concrete inside the perimeter. Cut the hole in this manner until the depth of the hole is at least 12 to 18 inches.

Installing the Posts

Mix premixed mortar designed for post installation in a bucket. Alternatively, make a concrete mix with three parts gravel, two parts sand and one part cement. Position the post in the hole and make sure it is level. Place the concrete mix around the post and let the mortar cure.

For the post holder, pour in the concrete into the hole up to a level one inch lower that the lower surface of the hole opening. Let the mortar cure for about a day or two. After the concrete has set, place the holder on top of the hole and mark the boltholes. Remove the holder and drill through the marked spots. Place the holder into position and install the anchoring bolts.

Patch the Hole

Mix mortar patch in a bucket to the consistency of thick mud. Using a trowel, place some of the mortar mix into the hole and shape the mix to with the trowel to conform to the slope of the angled concrete footing. Allow the mortar to cure. Place the post into the holder.