Installing A Flag Pole

A flag pole can be a wonderful way to display patriotic feelings or to fly banners and flags that indicate specific information or celebrate holidays.


Flagpoles come in a wide variety of heights and lengths. Be sure to install yours in a prominent location that will allow you to display your flag or banner without obstruction.

Assembling the Pole

Assemble the flagpole and lay it on the ground. Most poles come in a series of sections that need to be screwed or connected together. They are often constructed of wood, steel or metal, or of plastic materials that snap together.

As you assemble the pole, you may notice grommets or flag line guides along the length of the pole, particularly if you are assembling a long pole that will be installed in a ground foundation. Shorter wall-mounted models usually only have 2 grommets or flag guides.

Bracket Installation

If your flagpole is designed to be mounted to a wall, remove the bracket from the packaging and make sure that all of the items you will need for mounting are included. Use a power drill or screwdriver to firmly screw the bracket into place.

Foundation Installation

The other way to install a flagpole is to prepare a foundation for the pole. This method requires concrete.

  1. Dig a hole in the ground where you plan on installing the pole.
  2. Stand the pole up in the hole, temporarily bracing it in place with wood sticks or metal stakes and guide wires. Make sure that the pole is turned in the direction so that the flag will hang in the desired direction.
  3. Use a carpenter level to make sure that the pole is standing straight, level and plumb.
  4. Dampen the inside of the hole so that the dirt is moist but not muddy.
  5. Mix enough concrete to fill the hole completely and surround the pole. Pour the concrete into the hole and smooth the top surface so it is flush with the ground.
  6. Double check the plumb and level while the concrete is still soft and you can make adjustments.
  7. Let the concrete dry for at least 24 to 48 hours before removing the pole supports.