Installing a Floating Pond Fountain

A floating pond fountain.
  • 5 hours
  • 500-1,000
What You'll Need
Pond installation kit
Pump hose
Hose clamp
Transformer cable

A floating pond fountain can enhance the beauty of a garden pond. Fountains come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can keep your pond clean by circulating the pond’s water. Floating fountains are also easy to install.

Step 1 - Select the Foundation

You need to select the pond fountain that is best-suited to your garden pond. Keep in mind the size of the pond when choosing a floating fountain. A big fountain in a small pond will look strange as will a small fountain in a large pond.

Step 2 - Lay out Materials

Once you have made a purchase, carefully take all the parts out of the box and lay them next to each other.

Step 3 - Check the Guide

Floating pond fountains are easy to install and generally come with an installation guide with clear instructions. You will need to assemble the parts of the fountain.

Step 4 - Check the Adapter

Make sure that the adapter is connected to the fountain headlong with a pump hose that has a hose clamp. Connect the transformer cable to the plug and double check the electrical wiring.

Step 5 - Place the Fountain

Gently place the floating pond fountain in the spot that you’ve selected for it. Pump the water through the fountain.

Step 6 - Test it

Insert both the pump plug and the transformer into the power socket. Confirm it is functioning.