Installing a Grab Bar in Your Bathroom

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A leading cause of injury in the home is slipping and falling in the shower; installing a shower grab bar can save you in the event of a slip. When they are properly mounted, a grab bar is an inexpensive safety measure that can prevent serious injuries.

Installation Basics

A grab bar must be installed at a 45-degree angle in order to be accepted by the ADA and the National Kitchen and Bath Association. The horizontal grab bars must be between 33 and 35-inches above the floor and close to the temperature control valves.

Locate the Studs

Use a stud finder to locate the studs behind a shower wall. Stud finders will not penetrate the ceramic tile, so you will have to reach above the shower on the drywall portion. Once you locate a stud, mark its location, then measure over 16-inches for the next centered stud.

Install Grab Bar

Drilling into ceramic tiles is a delicate procedure. Once you have marked the area for the grab bar, drill slowly into the tile. Use a carbide-tipped masonry bit and apply even pressure. Slide masonry anchors into the wall and screw the grab bar to the wall. Coating the screws with silicone caulk will prevent the water from leaking into the wall.