Installing a Hammock Swing

What You'll Need

There are several ways to install a hammock swing, also referred to as a hammock chair. These hammocks have several clear advantages over the more traditional rope or fabric hammocks. The most obvious advantage is that a hammock swing only needs one hanging point, which means it takes up less space. When it comes to installing a hammock swing, the location is extremely important for most people. However, what is really important, is that the place from which it is hung must be strong enough to support the weight of a person. One of the most popular locations for a hammock chair is the porch. If you decide to install your swing on a porch, make sure the joists can support the hammock and person lounging in the swing. If you hang your chair from a tree or post, a hard wood tree is best and it should be at least 6 inches in diameter. It is possible to hang a hammock with rope only but if you are not good with knots, you can purchase hammock accessories, hardware and even an A frame hammock swing kit.


  • Strong chain
  • Eye bolt
  • S hook
  • Swing spring*

Step 1 - Location

You should hang the swing between 5 feet to 6 feet off the ground. You should also have a 1 meter clearance around the swing. The swing space is important for safety and to have enough room to get in and out.

Step 2 - Drilling

Once you have established that the location for swing placement is strong enough and that there is enough clearance, it is time to drill. To minimize damage, first drill a pilot hole the length of the hardware and half the diameter. Sizes do vary, although a minimum of 3/8 inch by 4 inches long is recommended.

Step 3 - Eye Bolt

Screw the eye bolt into the pilot hole. The eye bolt needs to be screwed in fully, until the eye is actually touching against the wood of the tree. There are also swing springs available that can add a gentle bounce to your swing hammock. They also make getting in and out of the swing a bit easier and can be purchased for less than $15. If you want to attach one to yoyu swing, do it at this stage of installation.

Step 4 - Chain

Attach a length of chain to the eye bolt or swing spring, closing the links with pliers. To lessen an excessive swing, do not use more than 18 inches of chain or rope for the chair. If the swing feels too high when you use it for the first time, remember they stretch. You may need to make adjustments later.

Step 5 - Finishing Off

Use the S hooks to attach the chain to your swing hammock. Never be tempted to wrap rope or chain directly around a tree. because you will damage the tree and, eventually, kill it. Hammock straps are an alternative. These simply wrap around the tree and hook onto the chair.