Installing A Kitchen Island Bar

What You'll Need
Pre-fabricated kitchen cabinet
Power Drill
Nuts, bolts and washers

A kitchen island bar can provide the convenience of extra counter and storage space.  A kitchen island will also upgrade the appearance of your kitchen. You can buy a ready-made island and just add an overhanging counter. Here is the less expensive method of building your own kitchen island bar.

Step 1 - Choose Kitchen Cabinets

At your local home improvement store, check out the section on kitchen cabinets. Browse the individual cabinets, deciding on the one you like. Purchase two of these individual kitchen cabinets. They range in sizes but are usually between 30 and 36 inches wide.

Step 2 - Remove Drawers and Attach Cabinets

Once you have the cabinets back home, remove the drawers and place the cabinets back to back. Open the doors of the cabinets so you can attach them together through the inside. Drill one hole in each corner of the back wall and two holes under each of the holes in the top corners.
Insert bolts through each of the holes and fasten them with nuts on the other side. Use washers as well.

Step 3 - Measure Cabinet Dimensions

Measure the dimensions of the cabinet tops together. Add several inches to the final measurement so you can create an overhang for you kitchen island bar. If you plan on placing a few stools on one side, make sure to add enough inches to your measurements to create a true bar counter overhang.
Order a countertop according to your specifications.

A custom countertop can be ordered from the hardware store. You can specify whether you want rounded edges for your countertop, the kind of material you want, and so on. Instead of getting a countertop made for your kitchen island bar, you can also create your own by attaching a piece of plywood to your counter top, followed by a cement board which you could then cover in tile.
If you did order the new countertop, it will come with brackets and screws for you to attach it to your kitchen island bar.  

    Now you have a kitchen island, with a counter overhang like a real bar. You can place a couple of stools on one side of the bar to round out the “bar” look. You also have two storage areas in your new kitchen island bar; use one for alcohol storage and the other for mixers. Your new kitchen island bar will make a convenient and enjoyable addition to your home. Cheers!