Installing a Nail Plate to Protect Wiring

A nail plate installed in your walls can save a home owner trouble. When electricians run wire through a home they drill holes into the studs. Through those holes they thread the wire to other junction boxes and outlets. A nail plate will help safeguard against anyone driving a nail into the stud to hang a picture or install a cabinet. Nail plates are best installed during new construction or a remodeling project where the wall covering is removed.

Install Nail Plate

Hold the nail plate on the outside of the wall stud. This should be over the wiring hole. Nail in the spikes that attach the top and bottom of the nail plate into the stud.

Two Sides

To continue the protection onto the other side of the stud, install another nail plate as you did the first one. Continue this until all the wire holes are safely protected by the nail plates.

When you plan your next remodeling project, or room addition, it is always a good idea to have nail plates on hand so you can quickly install them to not only protect the wiring, but also to protect you from a serious injury.