Installing A Patio Privacy Screen

What You'll Need
Staple gun and staples
Screen paneling
Post Hole Digger (if you need to place posts around the patio)
Utility knife

Adding a patio privacy screen can make your patio or porch much more intimate and inviting. Fortunately, this easy and inexpensive upgrade can be installed in a short period of time.

Measure out the Area

You may want to add a simple screen to your porch, or you may decide to extend the screen beyond the porch. Spend some time thinking about how you and your family utilize the porch and any other areas of your yard where you may want extra privacy. If you are extending the screen beyond the porch, stake out the area you are screening and attach string between the stakes. This will help you measure more acurately for materials.

Determine How Much Privacy You Need

Depending on your needs and preferences, there are many different materials available to create your privacy screen, each offering a different look as well as varying degrees of privacy. For maximum privacy, consider using bamboo poles. Lattice wood is attractive but its open pattern can be seen through. A shaded mesh screen offer some privacy and comfort without detracting from your view.

If You Purchase Kits

The easiest way to build a privacy screen for your porch is to purchase pre-built screens from any home improvement store. These kits usually come with panels.

Purchasing Individual Materials

If you purchase your material without a kit, be sure to purchase panels that measure the proper height and length. If you are wanting to add a fencing element, purchase the bamboo poles or lattice as well.

Attach the Panels and Fencing Posts

The panels are similar to trim. The screen will be attached directly to the panels, making the screen more secure. If you are adding a privacy element like a fence, go ahead and install it first. The bamboo or lattice needs to be in place before you can start work on the screen.

If you are not adding encing, you will need to attach the panels directly to the patio. If you are using the privacy screen around a porch you can just nail the paneling to the top and bottom of the porch posts. If you don’t have any posts, you can easily place these around the patio with little work. How you do this will depend on the type of patio and the material you have on the patio ground. You can use a post hole digger to place a few posts around the perimeter.

Attach the Screen

The screen can be put on the panels using a staple gun, a task that is best tackled by two people. This will allow you to keep the screen taut while you are working. You can have one person pulling down the screen as you attach the screen to the top. Once it’s attached on the top panel, you can attach the screen to the bottom on your own.

Once the screen has been attached all around, you can use a utility knife to cut away any excess screen around the paneling.