Installing a Perforated Drainage Pipe

Perforated drainage pipe.
What You'll Need
Line level
Garden rake
Landscape fabric
Perforated drainage pipe
Pipe "sock"

A perforated drainage pipe is a great way to help direct water away from your building's foundation and to prevent flooding in your yard. Follow the steps below to install your drainage pipe.

Step 1— Digging the Trench

Before you pick the location where you want to install your perforated drainage pipe and start digging, you need to call and have your utility and cable lines marked. Ensure that the design of the trench will take any water away from the house and foundation.

Dig a trench twice as wide as the drainage pipe and deep enough so the pipe is below the frost line. Check your local building codes for the proper depth. For larger installations, you might want to rent a small backhoe to make the digging easier.

Step 2— Creating the Slope

Take the sledgehammer and drive the wooden stakes into the dirt in the trench approximately every four feet. Tie the string to stake where the pipe will begin. Run the string to the next stake and wrap the string around that stake. Attach the line level to the string and make sure the string is level. Now slide the string down this stake about half an inch. Repeat this procedure for the remaining stakes.

Sliding the string down lower at each stake will create the necessary slope for the water to flow down the perforated drainage pipe.

Step 3— Levelling the Soil

Use the tamper to pack down the soil in the trench for a firm base. Use the tape measure to make sure the distance from the string to the soil is the same at each stake. Add or remove soil as necessary to maintain the proper slope. Be sure to remove the string and stakes after tamping down the soil.

Step 4— Adding Gravel and Landscape Fabric

Landscaping fabric will prevent the soil from leeching into the gravel and clogging the perforated drainage pipe. Lay the fabric in the trench. Use enough landscape fabric to allow it to wrap around the pipe and all the gravel that will be used. Add enough gravel to make a depth of at least two inches. Use the garden rake to level the gravel.

Step 5— Laying the Perforated Drainage Pipe

Place the drainage pipe on top of the gravel. Some codes will require the pipe to have a "sock" wrapped around it. This sock is another measure to prevent soil and debris from entering the pipe and causing blockages that would prevent the proper flow of water.

Step 6— Completing the Installation

Add more gravel to the trench, covering the perforated drainage pipe and creating a depth of four to six inches. Take the landscaping fabric and wrap it over the gravel. Keep the fabric in place with a few shovel fulls of dirt. Replace any remaining soil and sod over the landscaping fabric to complete the installation.

You have now successfully installed a perforated drainage pipe yourself. There is no more need to worry anymore about water ruining your foundation.