Installing a Pizza Oven in Your Kitchen

What You'll Need
Pizza oven kit (including pieces for the oven and assembly instructions)
Phone directory and telephone
Concrete board and saw
Concrete screws and power drill
Metal frame and installation equipment
Drywall or stucco

A pizza oven is a unique fixture in many restaurants around the country and the world. These ovens are specifically designed for cooking and rewarming pizza and other similar foods. If you particularly enjoy pizza and are looking for a way to make it at home and customize your kitchen, a pizza oven may be a great choice for you. Fortunately, pizza ovens can also be used for a variety of other oven needs, including baking. Read on for a brief guide on how to install a pizza oven in your kitchen.

Step 1 - Assemble the Pizza Oven Based on the Instructions

Because each oven system is somewhat different, you should assemble the oven pieces according to the manufacturer's instructions. Follow all instructions for laying the hearth slab and the stand in your kitchen. You may need to remove other items in your kitchen in order to make space before you can properly assemble the oven in the area.

Step 2 - Call a Professional

Before you can begin to use your oven, you'll need to ensure it's safely set up. One of the main safety concerns is the smoke from the oven. This smoke will need to be channeled outside through a chimney. Contact a professional who will know exactly what is required depending upon the type and size of the oven. An HVAC or masonry contractor in your area should be able to build a suitable chimney.

Step 3 - Attach the Rear Board

Before you can install the pizza oven, you'll need to provide a concrete buffer between the back of the oven and the wall behind it to prevent the wall from overheating. Cut a piece of concrete board to the size of the oven and use concrete screws to firmly attach it to the wall in the area where you'll install the oven. Place the dome of the oven at least 4 inches away from the concrete board.

Step 4 - Build the Metal Frame

If the oven doesn't come with a metal frame, construct a frame for the oven. This should serve as a partition wall and can connect to the ceiling and the concrete board via concrete screws.

Step 5 - Install the Pizza Oven

Install the oven into place in the framed area. Place insulation around the oven to fill in the space of the frame. Cover the frame up with drywall or stucco in order to match the appearance of the remainder of the kitchen, if you like. You can also leave the framed section exposed for a different visual effect, and this option is less costly.