Installing a Porch Addition to Your Mobile Home

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  • 5-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-400
What You'll Need
4 4x4 wooden posts, 6 feet long each
Deck joists and boards
Sliding miter saw
Hammer and 3-inch long galvanized nails
Several spare cinder blocks
Wood adhesive and shims
Galvanized screws (4 inches long) and screwdriver or drill
Measuring tape

While a mobile home can easily feel like a small place to live, including a porch addition can greatly enhance the feel of the space and provide additional room in which to spend time. Porch additions are a great project for anyone who has a mobile home and a decent amount of space in front of the home. They are best for situations in which you'll not leave the mobile home for extended periods of time so that you can monitor the porch, and for people who will not move the home, either. Read on for a brief guide on how to make a porch addition to your mobile home.

Step 1 -- Make the Deck Frame

Lay the 4 wooden posts out in a square formation. Connect them at the ends with the galvanized screws to solidify this section of deck. Place at least two galvanized screws in each intersection of the posts, and ensure that the posts are lined up perfectly by using the level.

Step 2 -- Lay the Decking Boards

Ensure that the deck boards are 6 feet long by 2 inches across. If they are not, cut them to that length using the miter saw. Lay them out across the length of the square frame that you built in the first step. They should each be about a quarter of an inch apart from each other. Ensure that they are perfectly aligned, and then hammer two galvanized nails through each end and into the wooden posts below in order to secure them in place. There should be about 12 of these boards.

Step 3 -- Install Cinder Blocks as a Base

Use the level to ensure that the ground in front of the main door of the mobile home is entirely even. When you've determined that it is, lay out the 4 cinder blocks in a square formation and 6 feet apart. These will serve as the base for the deck.

Step 4 -- Cut and Add the Post Beams

Measure the distance from the top of the cinder blocks to the base of the door of the home. Cut the deck post beams to this length. Use wood adhesive to attach the post beams to the base of the square deck section that you previously constructed. Allow the adhesive to set and fully dry before continuing.

Step 5 -- Install the Deck

With the help of 1 or 2 assistants, lift the deck section up and mount it on top of the 4 cylinder blocks. It helps to place the post beams inside of the center holes of the cinder blocks to help make the deck more stable. Double check the stability before you attempt to stand on the deck.