Installing a Pot Rack above the Stove

What You'll Need
Wall hanging pot rack
Corresponding hardware and tools

It is easy to install a pot rack above the stove. As you work, you will need to watch out for certain issues. Follow the simple instructions below for a successful project.

Step 1 - Choose the Pot Rack

If you have a range or exhaust fan above your stove, you can not have a pot rack there as well. If you want a standard, ceiling hanging pot rack, you will need to put it above an island or elsewhere in the kitchen. For the purposes of the guide below, you will need a wall hanging pot rack. You can find these in a variety of styles, or you could even make your own as a weekend project. The hooks are very affordable, and even the most basic pot racks can  look great if you hang them properly.

Step 2 - Pick the Location

Depending on how your pot rack is supposed to hang, you may need to find the studs in the wall behind your stove. You can do that with a stud finder or by  simply tapping the wall until it no longer sounds hollow. If you can safely have the rack without using the studs, just pick a location that is esthetically pleasing. Make a mark where you want the nails or screws to go, and make sure to use a level to check your hanging marks.

Step 3 - Hang the Pot Rack

If you are going to use screws to hang your pot rack, you might consider putting anchors in the wall so the screws will  be more stable. This  will, however, put a large opening in the wall that will be hard to cover, so you might want to make a small  hole and hang the rack up to check things out before you make them semi-permanent. Once you have the anchors in, put the rack on the wall and screw it in accordingly.

If you are just hanging the rack on a nail, just put in the nail and hang up the rack. 

If you have to work with a backsplash, be sure to drill holes prior to putting in any nails or screws. That could cause cracking in tile or the fastener might simply not go through the material.

Step 4 - Level the Rack

Use your level to check the rack before you put any pots on it. The bubble in the liquid should be in the middle of the tube.  

Step 5 - Attach Pots and Pans

Once everything has been secured, put your pots on the rack. You may want to start by hanging your two heaviest pots on the farthest hooks to act as anchors for the rest of the rack. Then place the rest of your pots accordingly. You now have a working piece of art in your kitchen.