Installing a Pot Rack Ceiling Mount

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  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-150
What You'll Need
Ceiling screws hooks
Reinforcing board
Stud finder
Tape measure
Plumb bob

With the correct materials, a pot rack ceiling mount can be installed properly and enhance availability of space and room in the kitchen. Consider the size of the kitchen, the number of pots available and their sizes before buying a pot rack. These factors make it possible to buy an appliance that provides a good fit and is proportional to available space.

Step 1 - Determine the Location

For the pot rack to be effective in providing storage space and adding aesthetic value to the kitchen, find a good location for mounting. It is ideal to have it squared and centered over the island, bar, stove or the counter. Make sure it doesn't block illumination from light bulbs.

Step 2 - Mark Joists on the Ceiling

Use an appropriately sized ladder to reach the kitchen’s ceiling. Get an extra hand to support the ladder if necessary. Use a stud finder to check whether the joists are in a proper location. Well-positioned joists provide proper rack positioning.

If ceiling joists are not in the proper place, climb to the attic and make adjustments so as to have them in a desired location. Add 2x4 or 2x6 directly above the desired hook location. Mark the position on the ceiling where the hooks are to be placed. Drill holes through the marked positions.

Step 3 - Reinforce the Ceiling

This step can be followed if ceiling joists are not in the right place. Locate points on the ceiling that need reinforcement. Push a piece of wire through the drilled holes to make it easy to locate this position when working in the attic.

Climb to the attic and use a tape measure to get the correct dimension for reinforcing boards to use. Take measurements between and around the wires placed through the ceiling. Cut the reinforcing board using the measured dimensions. Fasten and secure the board on the ceiling using nails or screws.

Step 3 - Fix Ceiling Screw Hooks

Use a screwdriver or a pair of pliers to fasten ceiling screw hooks into the joists. Make sure they are secure.

Step 4 - Install Chains

Start this step by installing chains to hooks found on the pot rack. Be sure that all points on the racks are securely fixed to the chain.

Step 5 - Mount Pot Rack on the Ceiling

Carefully lift the pot rack and use the unattached ends of the chains to fix them on the ceiling screw hooks. It is advisable to get help during this step. Make sure the chains are secure and well fastened.

Check how the mount looks. If it is too high or low, adjust the length of the chains to get a good fit. Do this by hooking the chains shorter or longer in the ceiling screw hooks.