Installing a Pot Rack: Hanging it off Window Trim

What You'll Need
Drill Bit
Wood Screws

Pot rack hanging from the window trim can be accomplished by following the steps described in this how-to article. Hanging the pot rack from your window frame can give you some additional space to work with in your kitchen. This do-it-yourself project does not require any special skills or training to accomplish. All that is needed to install a pot rack from your kitchen’s window trim is a drill and a screwdriver.

Pot racks are typically suspended on a wall above the stove or over a kitchen island. They serve as an excellent place to put pots and pans on and make them readily accessible whenever you need to reach for one when preparing a meal.

Step 1: Locate Position on Window Trim to Mount Pot Rack

To begin the process of hanging your pot rack off of your window trim in the kitchen you need to locate a spot on the trim to accomplish this. To do so, look for a window near the stove or sink in your kitchen. You want to make sure that the position of your pot rack is not so high that you cannot reach the pots and pans and not too low that they become an obstruction when using the area underneath the pot rack.

Position the pot rack with a clearance of at least 1-1/2 to 2 feet for your head when you are underneath the pots and pans when they are positioned on the hooks. The clearance is important because you do not want to keep bumping into the pots and pans when walking underneath the pot rack.

Step 2: Drill Hole in the Window Trim

Once you locate the placement of the pot rack on the window trim, drill holes for the hangers. You need to make sure that the holes are level and properly spaced in order to secure the hangers for the pot rack when mounting it to the window trim.

Step 3: Secure the Pot Rack to the Window Trim

Place a screw in the holes of the pot rack mounts and secure them to the window trim, using a screwdriver. Make sure that the pot rack is hanging properly and feels secure against the window trim before you place any pots and pans on the rack or hang them from the hooks.

Step 4: Place Pots and Pans on the Pot Rack

Arrange the pots and pans on the pot rack and pot rack hooks. When initially placing the pots and pans on the pot rack be careful not to overload it and cause it to come down since it has just been installed. Over time as the installation settles you can add pots and pans and get a feel for how well attaching the pot rack to your window trim works in your kitchen to provide you with additional storage space.