Installing a Power Door Lock Actuator

door lock actuator

Before installing a power door lock actuator, familiarize yourself with the components.

What It Does

A power door lock actuator converts a vehicle's manual door locks to automated locks. It also acts as a keyless alarm system that can be operated with a remote control.

Find an actuator kit that includes all necessary hardware to make installation quick and easy.

Step 1 - Pick your Location

Remove the interior panel of the driver’s car door. If necessary, make a sketch of the mechanics of the lock assembly or take photos with your phone. Find a suitable mounting area for the power lock rod. Note that none of the original assembly should be removed or the power unit will not be able to function properly. The power lock rod can be mounted directly to the original lock rod or to the lock rod actuator lever.

If you choose to mount the power lock rod to the lever, you must drill a hole next to the original lock rod. Note that the hole has to be the size of the power lock rod retaining clip.

Step 2 - Install the Components

door lock actuator

Once the hole is drilled, insert the retaining clip and reinstall the lock assembly. Connect the power lock rod to the lock assembly and one of the power actuators. Push the original lock button and the power actuator together, either into the up or down position. Ensure that they are in the same position.

Step 3 - Check Function

Once mounted, move the power lock rod up and down to check if it moves from the locked to the unlocked position.

Step 4 - Finish Actuator Install

Hold the power actuator lever and move it from side to side till you find a flat mounting area. Drill two holes and bolt the actuator in place. Run the wire harness into the door and plug it into the bottom of the power actuator. Tie the wires to the door frame to keep them out of the way. Before reattaching the interior panel, power the unit and check if it is functioning properly. Find a convenient location for the rocker switch, and you have successfully installed a power door lock actuator.