Installing a Pressure Reducing Valve: Dos and Don'ts

When you install a pressure reducing valve, you should be aware that there are some things which you need to do in order to protect the system. The valve is an important aspect of ensuring that you keep your pipes and other systems working perfectly. In order to ensure that you can get the best out of your system, you need to fit the pressure reducing valve into a secure location, where it will not be damaged by contact with humans, animals, or by other systems. You should also make sure that when you install your pressure reducing valve, you are looking out for obvious mistakes.

Install the Pressure Reducing Valve Securely

When you are fitting your pressure reducing valve, it can sometimes seem easier just to tighten the whole thing up and then keep it in place with a bolt or screw rather than working with a soldering iron. However, the pressure valve works by holding a lot of water back and giving it a limited passage through the pipe. If your water can find another exit, say in the gap between the bolt and the edge of the pipe, then you are likely to find a persistent leak. Soldering is the only way to prevent leaks like that from happening, and it will also prevent the pipe itself from being vulnerable to the water pressure.

Check the Position of the Valve

Before you begin installing your valve, you need to check the direction of the flow and ensure that you are fitting it to the pipe in the correct manner. The flow needs to be forced down by the pressure of the water, so the valve blocks the flow. If you install your valve the wrong way around, the flow will not serve to block the water, and the pressure will not be reduced. It is best to check this before you have soldered up your pipes.

Turn Off All the Water

Before you can begin installing your valve, it is vital that you ensure all your water is turned off. Make sure that the water is completely drained by running taps in both the upstairs and downstairs sinks. In addition, specifically run the taps away from the pipe which you will be using, as this will draw the water away from the area where you are working.

Adjust the Pressure Reducing Valve

You should also take the time before you begin installing to make sure that the water pressure valve is adjusted to the correct level. You will be able to alter this valve even after you have installed it, but you should have a manual or instruction booklet which will give you average pressure requirements. Put your valve into the right pressure before you start using the water, as this will prevent you from having to adjust further once the water has been turned back on.