Installing a Recessed Dryer Vent Hookup

The type of dryer vent you choose to use in your home will change the effectiveness of your dryer. A recessed dryer vent prevents the dryer duct from bending. Bending reduces airflow, increases electric cost and trapped lint creates a fire hazard. To prevent all of these consider installing a recessed dryer vent.


If you find yourself with an inefficient dryer and are cramped for space, you will find that a recessed dryer vent will be helpful. The dryer vent is installed in the wall and allows the dryer duct to stand straight within the wall, not bent in several places. Once the duct is in the wall you can push your dryer flush against the wall without fearing that you will damage or bend the air duct.


There are several models of recessed dryer vents available. Choose one that is within your price and skill level. It is possible to buy box kits that will give you step by step instructions. You may find that you have to make a new vent hole in order to install the kit.


When installing the dryer vent, be sure to follow the directions carefully. This will prevent any leaks in your home's infrastructure.