Installing a Snowblower Attachment on Your Tractor

What You'll Need
Snowblower attachment
A Helper

A snowblower attachment is relatively easy to install. The attachment will come with a manual that will go into further detail then these basic instructions. Each tractor model will vary slightly in their parts, but general installation will be the same.

Step One: Remove

Disconnect the battery or take out the spark plug in order to keep the machine from starting. Then remove the mower assembly from the tractor.

Step Two: Clutch Idler Assembly

Installing the clutch assembly can sometimes be tricky. Hook part of it to the tractor frame and use locking pins to secure it to the underbelly of the tractor. Part of this step also includes connecting the clutch cable spring to the idler. There is limited space available, so some suggest the use of blocks to raise the tractor off of the ground for this step. You could also use a car jack to give yourself a bit more space.

Step Three: Install the Upper V-Belt

You can either attach the v-belt while you are attaching the assembly, or wait until after you are finished. Wind the belt between the pulley and the tension wheel which is on the assembly.

Step Four: Install the Blower Assembly

This is where you are going to need a helper or two. The attachment is heavy and a bit awkward to install alone. Put the tractor in neutral and take off the parking brake for maximum maneuverability. Use blocks on the rear of the tractor or have someone lift the back end. Guide the snowblower attachment into the brackets and secure.

Step Five: Install the Lower V-Belt

Install the lower v-belt routing through the pulley system. Attach the pull chain with a locking pin and make sure that both pieces are secured. You will need to refer to your particular model to find the pattern of the v-belts.

Step Six: Attach the Chains

Attach the chains to the rear tires. If you had already put the tractor up on blocks, then leave it up for this step. It makes it easier to get to the tires without crawling all over the ground. You can also use a car jack for this step.

Step Seven: Weights

How the weights attach will again depend on the model of tractor that you have. Some weights install on the back wheels while others go on the back end of the tractor. Installing the weights is easy no matter which type you have.

Step Eight: Secure and Test

Make certain that all parts are secure by giving them a shake and testing for loose bolts. After checking, reattach the battery or sparkplug before trying to start the motor. Run a test of the snowblower to ensure that tines are moving and that it throttles on command.

A snowblower can come in handy in areas that receive a lot of snow. The tractor attachment is stronger than its walk behind counterparts and will be able to clear much larger amounts of snow. Give yourself a couple of hours to complete this assembly.