Installing a Vessel Sink Faucet

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After you have installed a new vessel sink in your bathroom, you will then mount the vessel sink faucet

Get Faucet Ready

Before you can install the vessel sink faucet, get the faucet ready. Unscrew the nuts, clevis, and pad on the faucet for installation.

Set Faucet on Sink

Place the UP pad over the vessel sink where the faucet will be mounted. Thread the supply lines through the holes and set the vessel sink faucet over the pad.

Reach under the sink and secure the nuts which hold the faucet to the sink. Connect the water supply to the supply lines. Use a wrench to connect the water lines. Do not to over-tighten. If you tighten the nuts too much, you will cause it to warp and leak.

Turn-On the Water

Once the connections have been made, turn-on the water. Check the connections for leaks. Run the faucet. Check for leaks around the faucet. Also check the faucet to correct the alignment. If the water does not flow as it should, adjust the faucet placement.