Installing a Window Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Air conditioner unit
Support bracket
Screwdriver, wood screws
Foam weather stripping
Caulking gun
Caulk or waterproof sealant

An air conditioner is used in many homes in the summer. It reduces the temperature of a room by emitting cool air, enabling you to be comfortable indoors. A window unit can be used to cool a large room, or a few medium sized rooms that are not centrally air-conditioned, since these are less expensive, easy to install and reduce electricity bills.

Follow these steps to successfully install your air conditioning unit in a window in less than an hour.

Step 1 – Measure Window Space and Purchase Air Conditioner

Measure the window opening where you want to install your air conditioner to ensure the one that you purchase fits it. Make sure there is a power supply near the selected window.

Purchase an air conditioning unit from a store that fits your specifications, and comes with a warranty card. Check all the parts.

Installing a unit in a vertical sliding window is easier than a window that slides shut from side to side or is very wide, since you have to board the uncovered area around the air conditioner.

Step 2 – Install Support Bracket

Inspect the windowsill to make sure it's sturdy enough to support the unit. Replace it if it's cracked.

Lift the window up and slide the bracket into the windowsill. Mount it straight and tighten the corner screws. Use the screw in the middle of the bracket to make necessary adjustments.

Step 3 – Install the Air Conditioner Unit

You may need someone to help you lift the heavy air conditioner and slide it into the bracket. Position it so it's flush with the window. Tilt the unit back just a bit before attaching it firmly, to ensure good drainage of water, and pull out the extensions. Some extensions have provisions for screws, enabling you to drill holes in the windowsill, using them as a reference.

Screw your air conditioning unit tight into the windowsill.

Step 4 – Attach Foam Strip

Pull the window down to determine where it hits the top of the air conditioner. Pull it back up and attach foam weather stripping to make a seal, or apply any sealant to it.

Step 5 – Complete Installation Process

Attach the drainage hose to the outside of your air conditioner.

Apply caulk to the outside of the window to seal the edges where the window frame and the air conditioner meet. This will cover tiny holes and cracks in between, and prevent cool air from escaping outside. Pull the windows down to create a tight seal.

If your window opens side to side or is wide, install your support bracket and air conditioner in the center. Measure the distance of the unit from the sides and top of the window frame. Cut cardboard to the exact size and nail it on to the window frame to create a seal. Caulk the exterior to close any holes or gaps that may cause cool air from leaking outdoors.