Installing an Aftermarket Car Stereo

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Wire cutters
Screwdriver set
Electrical tape
Wire strippers
New aftermarket car stereo

If you are sensitive to audio quality when listening to music, you might choose to install an aftermarket car stereo. If you have experience in wiring, you should have no trouble in putting a new stereo in your car. Here are a few tips on how to install a new car stereo system.

Step 1 - Purchase the Radio

First thing you need to do is measure your current stereo and the space it fits into. Then using the measurements, purchase a new aftermarket car stereo. You may need to get a wiring harness as well. Be sure the new stereo that you get will fit in the space where your old stereo was at.

Step 2 - Disconnecting the Radio

You must disconnect the negative ground cable from your car battery.

Step 3 - Removing the Dash Cover

Remove the dash cover and slide the old stereo out. Look at your plug and see what kind of wiring is on the back. It may be a single plug or it could be a bunch of individual wires.

Step 4 - Wiring Harness

If you were able to get a wiring harness, plug the connector directly into it. Then you can plug it into the back of your new aftermarket car stereo.

Step 5 - Connecting Your Stereo

Now that you have been through all the steps to connect the wiring to your stereo and to the speakers, you should now be ready to hook up the stereo in the slot.

Step 6 - Mounting the Stereo

Place the new aftermarket car stereo in the spot where your old one was at. If the brackets you received with your new stereo don’t work, use the ones with your old stereo.

Step 7 - Plugging it In

Plug the wiring harness into the back of your stereo. Your old stereo should only have one wire left and you can now take that and plug it into your new stereo. This should be your antenna.

Step 8 - Putting it in the Slot

Slide your stereo into the spot in the dash. Before you secure it, test it to be sure it works.

Step 9 - Reconnect the Cable

The negative cable to the battery of your car needs to be reconnected

Step 10 - Turn the Power On

Turn the key in your car to turn the power on. Then try your stereo. If the stereo is working, check each of your speakers to make sure they are all working correctly. You can now secure your radio in place and put the dash back on.

Now that you have accomplished a new stereo installation, you should be able to do another if you need to. You can now enjoy hours of music in your car with a crisp clear sound. This was an easy job and it usually does not take long to do once you get the hang of it. You may now be able to teach someone else how to install an aftermarket car stereo. They will thank you for it later. Have fun.