Installing An Aluminum Fence

An aluminum fence is a great way to keep in your animals and add some decoration to your yard. Aluminum fencing is ordered pre made and comes in panels. An aluminum fence is preferred by some home owners over a wood fence. Installation of the fence is quite easy but will take some time.

Measure for Fencing

Start at one end of your yard and measure the area that you are going to be putting the aluminum fence.  Take this measurement with you to the home center and order the fencing. When the fencing is delivered you will receive the fence, posts, and post caps.

Mark Off for Fencing

Using some landscape paint, or string, mark off the outline of your fence. You should also mark the placement of the posts at this point also.

Dig Post Holes

Dig your post holes where you marked for them. Assemble the posts by driving the post caps onto the posts with a rubber mallet. Place the posts in the holes and secure with quick dry cement.

Install Gate

Before you put on any of the aluminum fence panels, install the gate to the posts for the gate. Attach with the hardware that is supplied.

Install Fence

Once the gate is on, and works without any problems, you can begin installing the aluminum fence.