Installing an Asymmetrical Frameless Custom Glass Shower Door

A custom glass shower door that is also frameless and asymmetrical can add personality to your bathroom. In addition, these doors will be easy to clean and maintain. However, to be watertight, these shower doors should be installed appropriately. You need to have exact measurements and suitable materials and supplies.

You Will Need:


  • Measuring tape
  • Frameless glass shower door
  • Hinges
  • Handles
  • Screwdriver
  • Wooden shims
  • Drills
  • Masonry bit
  • Anchors
  • Vinyl sweep
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Stud finder


Step 1 -- Make Measurements

When you make the measurements, you need to know the size of the opening for the shower door. Make sure you do this only after all the tiles in the shower area are installed. You need to measure the opening at the base, middle and at 5 or 6 feet (or as high as you want your door). Draw a sketch of your shower and enter the measurements, which will help you when you order the custom glass shower door.

Step 2 – Order the Custom Glass Shower Door

Based on your measurements, order the door, so it will fit in the opening. Establish the height of the door at both sides. If you go for an asymmetrical shower door, you may have various heights in various points of the door. Note all these down.

Step 3 – Place the Hinge

Place the hinge in the mid point of the shower door cutout and tighten the screws of the hinge using a screwdriver.

Step 4 – Attach Door Handles

The door handles should be attached to the door before you actually install it into the right position. You will attach the handles according to the type of handles you choose.

Step 5 – Shim the Door

Raise the door above the bottom sill and add shims so that you have half an inch in the bottom part, for the sweep. You may use wooden shims.

With a level, check that the door is at the same level in the bottom part, so that there is half an inch on each side for the sweep.

Step 6 – Drill Holes

Using a stud finder, establish if there are any studs under the tile. Mark the studs. If there are no studs, you can drill holes, but you should use anchors for the screws.

Measure the tile in your bathroom where the hinges will be installed and mark the points where you need to drill holes. Using a masonry bit, drill the holes for the hinges.

Step 7 – Insert Screws

You will need help from someone to hold the door while you insert the screws.

Insert screws through the hinge of the shower door into the holes that you drilled in the studs. If there are no studs in your wall, you will have to insert anchors first and insert screws after.

Step 8 – Attach Sweep

Use a vinyl sweep and attach it to the bottom of the shower door. Check if the sweep can be pulled gently.