Installing an Attic Access Door: 7 Tips

Looking up through an attic entrance to where a contractor is working.

Installing an attic access door can be quite easy, however, there are several things you do need to do or avoid to make sure your new door is safe and secure.

Tip 1—Choose the Right Type of Attic Access Door

Decide whether your door will have attached stairs or not.

Tip 2—Install Insulation

Don't forget to install insulation over your access door. It can let out a lot of heat, otherwise. You can use foam board or weather stripping, depending on your requirements.

Tip 3—Think Security

If you intend to use the attic to something more than as a storage space, you might want to consider putting a lock on the door.

Tip 4—Repair Plumbing/Wiring

Before you install your attic access door, check the plumbing and wiring in and around the area where you will install the door. If there is any in the way, you've chosen the wrong spot for your door, unless you think it is worth it to reroute plumbing or wiring for the sake of having an attic access door.

Tip 5—Wear your Safety Gear

With any construction or building project, it is important to wear safety gear. A dust mask is particularly important, since you do not know what germs or bacteria you will encounter once you open up your ceiling.

Tip 6—Support the Ceiling

It is important to place supports or braces on the ceiling when you are installing an attic access door. Otherwise, the floor could cave down while you are installing the access door.

Tip 7—Choosing a Location

You can't just install an attic access door anywhere. Choose a location that is simultaneously easy to access and out of the way. It also has to be placed between the ceiling joists to have the necessary support.