Installing an Attic Lift

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Storing items in the attic can be a hassle with just a pull-down set of stairs. An attic lift is a much more convenient means of ingress and can be installed wherever your attic opening is, but the garage is the most feasible area. Installation isn't that difficult but will take some time.

Locate Attic Lift

Before you install an attic lift, make sure of two things. First, can you get 110 volts running to the lift? If there isn't any wiring there already, you will need to install an electrical outlet near the point where the attic lift will go. Second, do you have 16-inch ceiling joists? If not, you will have to order a specially made attic lift.

Build Frame

Once you know where the lift will go, you will have to build a 22 1/2-inch by 46 1/2-inch frame with 2x4s inside the current attic opening. The edge of the frame must be flush with the hole, so as not to hinder the lift's operation.

Install Lift

Next, the lift is placed over the opening, on top of the housing legs. The cables go through the opening and connect to the lift panel. After that, you'll just have to test it out to make sure it works well and that it will go through the hole without any problems.