Installing An Underwater Light

What You'll Need
Pool light
Weight if not provided
Screw driver for terminals
Wire cutter
Wire stripper
Weather proof junction box

An underwater light brings a new kind of magic to pools and ponds.

Under water lights for pools

Under water pool lights should be fitted to the pool walls or base. To prevent the cable being a danger to swimmers it should be fitted in a conduit securely attached to the pool walls and base. Fitting an underwater light in a swimming pool should only be attempted by an expert.

Under water lights for ponds

Fitting an under water pond light is a very simple task and all instructions will be with the light when you buy it.

Choosing the light

Choose a light that is the right size for the pool. If possible, find a light that has its own integral weight to hold it in position in the pond. Read the instructions that came with the light to make sure there are no special requirements to install it.

Assemble the light

Many pond lights are packed disassembled to save space. If the light does not have its own weight you must decide how you will anchor it. Often all that is required is a brick or large flat stone to which the light can be attached.

Power supply

If your pond has a pump, you should be able to install a junction box in the pump power line to direct power to the transformer for the light. The junction box should be suitable for outdoor use and fully weather proof.

Locate the pump power line. After turning off the power, cut the power line. Trim about an inch off the insulation jacket and strip the insulation from a quarter inch of the twin wires exposed on both ends of the power line. Connect the live end of the supply (the end that is connect to the plug) to the two terminals in the junction box) and the two wires from the pump to one of the pairs of terminals in the junction box.

Connecting the light to the junction box

Expose the two wires in the cable that are the power supply for the transformer. Strip the insulation from about a quarter inch of the wires and connect them to another pair of terminals in the junction box. The junction box can now be closed. Make sure you follow the instructions to ensure a waterproof seal.

Independent switching

If you want the pump and the light to be switched independently you should provide each with its own power supply.

Connect the transformer to the light

Open the terminal box on the light and connect the wires from the transformer.

You can now lower the light into the pond and move it to the best position. Make sure there are no bubbles indicating that the light is not sealed properly. Turn on the power and the pump and the light should both start to work. When you are happy with the position of the light you can conceal the wires and transformer.