Installing and Using a Shower Soap Dispenser


Follow this advice to make sure you properly install your shower soap dispenser and maintain it properly.

Use a Bracket

The best thing to do when it comes to mounting the soap dispenser is to use a bracket. Doing so allows the dispenser to be secured on the wall for daily use, but it also allows the dispenser to be removed for regular cleaning. Many dispensers include a bracket. Secure the bracket to your shower using a drill and screws, then secure the dispenser.

Use Caution With Adhesive

The problem with using adhesive is that the shower gets wet, often causing the adhesive to wear. Another issue is that soap is often heavy enough once the dispenser is filled that the adhesive does not hold it up completely.

Clean the Area First

It is important for many reasons to clean the area for the soap dispenser before you attach it to the wall. It may not attach if the wall is dirty. Use shower cleaner and a rag to clean the spot completely. Then rinse it with water and allow the area to dry.


Keep the dispenser clean by wiping it down every few days. Soap will accumulate on the dispenser, then you will have trouble using it. Just wipe it down with water and a rag, and clean up any soap spills.