Installing Architectural Roof Shingles: Mistakes to Avoid

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If you want to install architectural roof shingles on your home, then you should know that there are many mistakes you can make that will affect the outcome of your project. If you install your architectural roof shingles wrong, then you may find that you have to rip them all out and start again. This can be a serious problem.

Untidy Roof Surface

Before you begin, and while you are working, you should remember to clean off the roof that you are working on. This is important for safety reasons, in case you trip on something and fall. It is also important because the roofing tar easily gathers debris, which can allow water to penetrate below the seal of the roof, which will result in a leak. Start by giving the roof a thorough clean. Use detergent and a mold preventative together, to get the best results for your installation. Once you have started on the roof, you should also take the time to remove any tools, nails, or broken pieces of shingle, since these can prevent a safety hazard while you are working on the roof.

Not Enough Tiles

When you are purchasing your tiles, you need to make sure that you get the right quantities of everything. Your architectural roof shingles should be bought with enough shingles to cover the length and breadth of your roof, plus a few extra in case of accidents. You should also buy the correct amount of roofing felt, to cover the roof below the shingles, and around 2 pounds of nails for every square foot of architectural roof shingles purchased.

Being Heavy-handed

Architectural roof shingles need to be fitted carefully on the roof, as they contain asphalt and mineral granules. Proper laying will result in a longer-lasting roof while being too harsh with your architectural tiles can cause them to shatter. When you are fitting the tiles, lay them down above the previous layer, take your nail gun, and press it into the middle of the tile. Attempting to nail the sides of the tiles will cause them to break off, and this can result in serious damage.

Not Adding Barriers

When you have finished fitting your tiles, it is a good idea to make sure that they are properly secured by adding baffles and barriers. Fitting a water barrier to the edge of the roof will ensure that the build-up of ice along the bottom of the ridge, and in the gutters, will not penetrate into the shingles. You can purchase some simple barriers and install them according to their manufacturer's instructions. You should also find a wind baffle, which will prevent rain from penetrating the tiles. This should be used with hip or ridge shingles and will help avoid leaks on the roof. When you are installing these, take care not to damage the tiles, or place too much weight on one side of a tile, as this can cause them to break.