Installing Bifold Door Lock Hardware

Bifold doors.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15-30
What You'll Need
Childproofing plastic lock or a metal door flush or surface lock
Electric drill with drill bit and screwdriver bits

Installing door lock hardware on a bifold door is a simple and inexpensive DIY project. Locking your bifold doors is a great way to keep valuables out of your children's reach or add additional privacy. Follow these simple steps for a quick installation project.

Step 1 - Choose a Lock Style

There are two general bifold door lock styles from which you can choose. The first is a plastic child safety lock. It slides over the top of the bifold door, covering the joint where the two pieces of the door meet. The plastic childproofing lock is best as a temporary measure if you want to remove the lock permanently after a time.

Metal door flush locks or surface locks are best for doors where you permanently want the option to lock your door.

Step 2 - Adjust the Door

If you are using a plastic, slide on, childproofing lock, you may need to adjust the door in order to get clearance enough to install the lock. If this is the case with your door, find the nut on the lower edge of the door. Turn it until it lowers the door adequately without causing the upper slide to jump out off its track.

For the flush or surface mount lock, be sure the door is close enough to the top of the door frame that the lock can engage.

Step 3 - Locate the Lock

The plastic childproofing lock can be slid into place over the folding area of the door. Use shims to tighten the fit if the door is particularly narrow. Lock the handle into place. To release the door, unlock the handle to the side.

For a flush mount lock, choose a location on the section of the door farther away from the section where the swivel is attached to the floor. Locate the lock approximately 1 inch from the center hinge, on the section farthest from the swivel.

Step 4 - Complete Installation

Drill a hole according to the flush mount lock instructions directly above the location you have chosen for the lock. Install the lock plate with screws.

Align the slide into the lock plate and place the lock on the door. Mark the screw locations, unlock the lock, and carefully screw the sliding lock onto the exterior of the sliding door. Since this is a permanent installation, choose a flush mount or surface lock in the same finish as the other hardware in the room.