Installing Brazilian Teak Flooring

Lead Image for Installing Brazilian Teak Flooring

Brazilian teak wood is one of the most beautiful woods for adding flooring to your home. Hardwood floors not only add beauty to your home but also add real dollars to your resale value as well. Wood floors are also very easy to clean and require only minimal maintenance. Prefinished lumber is already stained and cuts quite a bit of time from the installation process.

Unless you are going to try and match existing hardwood, prefinished lumber is the way to go. Though not the job for everyone, you can install a Brazilian wood floor with a few purchases from your local home improvement store.

Prepare the Room

You have already determined which type of lumber you want but you have to make sure that you buy the correct amount. Measure the room and account for the square footage. Add 10-15% extra for the occurrence of incorrect cuts and odd-sized pieces.

Make sure to check the subfloor before you lay down any lumber. Your subfloor should be at least ¾” thick. If not, it is best to pull up the subfloor and lay another one. If you notice any squeaky places, take a drywall nail and drive it through the subfloor into the joist. This will eliminate the squeaking. Remove the shoe molding and thoroughly clean the floor.

Put Down Tar Paper

Lay down 15-pound tar paper. This is very inexpensive. Make sure to allow for a 4” overlap on all sides. Mark the wall at every point where there are joists. This will act as a guide.

Install the Boards

Start on the longest wall and begin with a long piece of wood. Remove the shoe molding and snap a chalk line on the wall 3/8” inches from the baseboard. This allows for the wood to expand and contract when the humidity and climate changes. Aligned with the chalk line, place the first piece of wood. When you lay the first row makes sure to nail at each point that there is a joist. Use a nail punch to push the nails below the surface. Continue to put the boards in by hand until you are far enough from the wall to use the pneumatic nail gun. This will make the process easier and faster. Once you get back to close quarters you will have to nail the pieces by hand again.

Finish the Floor

You will have to make some special cuts along the baseboards and threshold. The boards along the baseboard will have to be installed by hand and depending on the opening, those at the threshold may have to be manually installed as well.

Assess the floor and determine if you need to fill any gaps. You probably will. Fill the nail holes with matching wood putty. Fill the hole with putty and wipe off the extra. That’s it. You have an exotic wood floor and you did it yourself. Congrats!