Installing Brick Paver Edging

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Brick pavers
Crushed rock
Landscaper sand
Paver restraints
Flat shovel

Brick paver edging doesn't have to be limited to just patios. You can utilize them for walkways, gardens and flowerbeds, in order to break up one area from another. Brick paver edging can add style and design aesthetic to any of your landscaping projects. If you're adding brick paver edging to an existing build, like a patio, you will be increasing its durability and strength. Brick paver edging is easy and inexpensive to install and the following article will show you how.

Step 1 - Expansion and Preparation

In order to place brick paver edging, you will have to first extend the perimeter of your original work. This is a lot easier to do than it sounds. Determine how large you want your edging to be. If it is a patio, then that typically will be six inches. Mark the area off with stakes and string. Excavate the area with a shovel to a depth of at least four inches. When sufficient ground has been removed, use the stamper to flatten the dirt.

Step 2 - Filling

When you are installing brick pavers you need to start with a good foundation. Lay crushed stone in the bottom of the trench. You want to have at least an inch of crushed stone in the trench after you level it out with a hoe and tamp it down so that it's solidly packed. Add more crushed stone if you need to in order to reach that depth.

Pour landscaper's sand into the trench. Level it out with the hoe and tamp it down so that it's packed tight. You want at least two inches of packed sand, so add more if you need to.

Step 3 - Placing the Brick Pavers

Decide how you want to lay the brick pavers. You can lay them horizontally or vertically, one row or two (or more) or if you want to create a staggered brick paver edging pattern. If you're working to expand a patio by adding brick paver edging, utilize paver restraints by placing them on top of the packed sand. Place the bricks on top of the brick paver restraint. If you're not adding on to a patio you can just set the brick pavers on the sand. Use the stamper to press down each of the brick pavers. This sets the brick paver edging into the sand so that it doesn't easily move or shift. The pavers will remain snug and in place, but you can add quick set cement to seal them if you like.

Step 4 - Finishing

With the brick pavers in place you can now keep them from moving. Pour sand over the brick pavers and use the broom to push the sand into the cracks. Use the hose to wet down the bricks, which also compacts the sand. Continue doing this until sufficiently packed.