Installing Brick Tiles on an Interior Wall

What You'll Need
Felt sheets
Utility knife
Hammer and nails
Metal lathe and tin snips
Mortar mix and bucket for mixing
Safety equipment (gloves, face mask, ear plugs, goggles)
Angle grinder
Grout and dry brush
Brick tile panels

Brick tiles are light and easy to work with, though they have the appearance of full brick. This type of brick facade is a good way to provide an interior space in your home with the appearance of having exposed brick walls without needing the support and other requirements of actual brick. Brick tiles are much easier to install at home and can be included in a room with a set of basic tools and with very little experience. Read on for a brief guide on how to install brick tiles on an interior wall in your home.

Step 1 -- Lay the Felt

The felt will serve as the foundation for your brick tile wall. After clearing off the wall that you'll use, cut sheets of felt with the utility knife to cover the surface of the wall. When sheets overlap, have them overlap by 3 to 4 inches. Secure the sheets into the wall with a hammer and galvanized nails. Do not skimp on the nails to attach the sheets to the wall, as you want to make sure that the felt is secure.

Step 2 -- Lay the Lathe

The metal lathe will then need to cover the felt. Trim the lathe to size for the wall using the tin snips. It's wise to use gloves while you work with the snips, as the edges of the metal are likely to be very sharp when you're cutting the lathe. Attach the lathe to the wall using hammer and nails, being sure that the nails are attached to a stud.

Step 3 -- Mix and Lay the Mortar

Mix the mortar according to the instructions on the packaging. Using the trowel, apply a layer of mortar to cover the lathe. The mortar should be about half an inch thick and as even across the entire wall as possible. Create small notches along the mortar by scoring the mortar with the trowel, then allow the mortar to dry.

Step 4 -- Attach the Tile

Mix another batch of mortar. Apply a half-inch layer to a small corner of the existing mortar on the wall, then firmly attach the first brick tile piece in place. Press firmly to stick it to the mortar. Begin roughly in the center of the wall and continue by laying tile around the initial tile, leaving the corners for last.

Step 5 -- Cut Corner Tile

When you reach the corners, measure the amount of tile that will be necessary for the corner pieces. Use the angle grinder (and appropriate safety equipment) to cut remaining brick tiles to the proper size for the corner pieces. Lay the corner pieces as in the previous step.

Step 6 -- Apply Grout

Mix the grout and apply it with the dry brush. The grout should fill in the cracks in between the bricks that make up the tile. Allow it to dry completely before touching the wall.