Installing Bunk Beds in Your RV Part 2

What You'll Need
A screwdriver
A wrench
Marker and Pen
Measuring tape
Drill bits
Saw (or saw table)

Bunks beds are becoming very common in RVs. You can’t expect to have the luxury of a full king-size bed but with a few adjustments you can have a pretty comfortable bunk bed in your RV. In the preceding article we tackled how to install the foundations of a bunk bed, that is, the frame. In this article we will see how to further enhance the bunk beds by adding a few necessary accessories. In this way you and your children can access each bed easily and sleep without the fear of getting hurt.

Step 1: The Mattress

The mattress is very important. You do not need to buy a very expensive mattress or one which is larger than your needs. Try to find a mattress that is relatively comfortable for a bunk bed in an RV and that it is of the right size. 

Step 2: A Bed Rail

A bed rail is essential for children, otherwise they might fall and get hurt. You can either build one yourself or buy one from a baby shop. If you decide to make the rails yourself, consider using the same type of wood you used for the bed frame. The wooden bed rail needs to be ¾ the length of the bed frame. The width shouldn’t be more than 1.5 feet. Measure and cut the rail accordingly. Sand the wooden bed rail until it is smooth; make sure it doesn’t have any splinters. Drill three holes at the bottom of the bed rail. The holes need to be equally separated from each other. The latter will help the weight distribution. Drill equivalent holes into the bed frame. Now attach the bed rail with the frame using the screws. Alternatively you can use bolts instead of screws, but screws should be adequate.

Step 3: The Ladder

A secure ladder is very important for the bunk beds. Ideally, since it would be used for an RV, the ladder should be removable. Again you can either build a ladder yourself or buy and install an aluminium ladder. This is how to build and install a wooden ladder for the bunk beds. Take your measuring tape and measure the length of your bunk bed. The ladder needs to be of adequate length to reach from the floor to the bed frame. Cut two long side legs. The smaller wood for the feet, needs to be equally distributed. There has to be about 0.7 feet between each piece of wood. Cut as many as you need. Nail the smaller pieces to the side legs from both sides. Sand the ladder or the pieces separately before nailing them, to smoothen it out.

Step 4: Using the Bunk Bed

The last thing to do is to try it out. Make sure that it supports the weight of the person using it.


In order to have a secure bunk bed in your RV, you have to take these precautions, especially if the bunk beds are going to be used by children. Always ask for advice if you are unsure of what to do.