Installing Cabinet Corbels

Lead Image for Installing Cabinet Corbels

Cabinet corbels are home décor items that can be installed to provide support for beams, cornices, or arches. They are available in a wide range of designs, these vary from plain pieces to elaborate designs. Corbels are made fro stone, wood, or modern poly materials.

Get Correct Fitting

Attach a corbel securely by making sure that the top of the piece should make a 90o degree to the wall. Use a level to check for the measurements and correct angle to fix corbels. It prevents objects falling from the shelf once it is fixed on the wall.

Get Measurements

Make sure that there is enough room for the corbel when before attaching it beneath a cabinet. Determine how high or low the corbel is to be fixed on the surface. Use a pencil or chalk to mark points of installation.

Fix Corbels

Use a drill to make holes on the surface. Insert the screws into the corresponding points in the keyholes. Fasten the corbels using screws and drive them into place using a screwdriver. Make sure the screws are tight before placing items on the cabinet.