Installing Cabinet Glass Doors


Cabinet glass doors appear more graceful. They are a great way to display your prized possessions. If your cabinet doors are of right kind and you are ready to work yourself, you can make them fantastic looking cabinets in a short time at minimum cost. However, it can prove expensive to replace the solid cabinet doors for doors with glass inserts, if you purchase them. You can easily add cabinet glass inserts to your solid cabinet doors. You have two choices for doing it. Either you contract the job or do it yourself. You can follow these guidelines and use the hand tools to prepare your cabinets doors with glass inserts.

Tools and Materials

  • Tape measure
  • Power hand drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Router
  • Router bit
  • Glass inserts
  • Screws
  • Tri square
  • Wood working saw
  • Glass fixing clips
  • Sand paper
  • Paint or finishing material
  • Silicone and gun

Step1 –Checking the Type of Doors.

Inspect the type of doors. In case you have solid flat cabinet doors, you can cut openings in the doors for fixing glass inserts. However, if the cabinets are raised or flat panel doors, you can do the conversion more easily by removing the raised or flat panels and clearing the glass seating.

Step 2- Removing the Door from Cabinet

Remove the cabinet door after opening the screws at hinges and get accustomed to the design of the door. If the door is in two pieces, it is easier to handle. In case of a single door, the handling may be a little more difficult.

Step 3- Marking to Cut the Openings

Decide the sizes and number of glass inserts in the door. If it is a single door and one-piece design, mark the opening for the glass panel with a tape measure, tri-square and pencil on the outer side of the door. If it is more than one glass panel, mark their positions the same way with pencil and tri-square. Just review that the markings are proper and square with the door and not inclined.

In case of a two-piece door, mark the openings for glass panels the same way. Ensure that the markings are aligned to each other in both door pieces and properly spaced for uniformity.

Step 4- Cutting Openings for Glass Panels

Drill the holes about ½” diameter near the corner in all the portions to be cut open for glass panels to pass the jigsaw blade. Make the opening in the door according to the marking using a jig saw to cut away unwanted part of the door panel(s). Smooth the face and edges of glass panel opening with rasp and sand paper. The edges and faces of the opening should be square to each other and look elegant.

Step 5 – Making Seat for Glass Fitting

Create a seat or ledge for your glass inserts to fit into the openings using a router and a round bit. Clear the corners to make them right angled with the help of a chisel. Remove any dried glue left over from the wood paneling, if you have removed the panels to fix the glasses.

Step 6- Buying Glass Inserts

Measure the size for the glass inserts and buy them.

Step 7 - Finishing the Door Opening

Sand and finish the exposed portion of wood in the panel openings to match the finish of the rest of the door.

Step 8- Fixing the Glass Inserts

Put silicone inside the entire ledge in the panel openings. Carefully press the glass inserts into their respective opening and fix with silicone. Finish the fixing by securing the glass with clips using the screws. Plastic or metal clips are suitable.

Step 9- Installing the Door to Cabinet

Fix the door onto the cabinet with the previous hinges and the screws.