Installing Cabinet Latch Magnets

What You'll Need
magnetic latch
drill (this tool is optional)

Installing a magnetic cabinet latch is easy and presents many benefits for the home owner. Besides making your cabinets more attractive and easy to use, installing a magnetic latch will make sure the cabinet door stays closed especially when an infant is around the house. A budding toddler is very eager to explore new surroundings and cabinets are most likely the first target that will attract their interest.

Step 1 - Align and Mark the Location

Align the cabinet and determine where the magnets should be placed. Mark the corresponding points for easy installation.

Step 2 - Magnet Placement

For new cabinets, use a drill to punch a hole on the latch placement. For old cabinets, it's simply a matter of removing the old latch and install the new magnetic latch. Put the latch on the cabinet side and use a screwdriver to put the screws in place. Install the latch on the cabinet door and tighten the screws to check for proper play when the cabinet door meets the cabinet.

Step 3 - Check and Adjust

Now that the magnetic latches are in place, open and close the cabinet door repeatedly for proper alignment. Adjust the latch position if necessary.

Installing a magnetic cabinet latch is an easy endeavor and can easily be done at home without the need to call for professional service.