Installing Ceiling Fan Light Kit Directly to your Ceiling

What You'll Need
Light kit

Installing a ceiling fan light in a room is a great way to add more light to your home. The great thing about ceiling fans is that they now make many designs and styles to match almost any type of decor. Sometimes ceiling fans can even replace overhead lights, if you install a light kit on the fan. This is an easy project to do on your own and will create a lot of light in a room that has a ceiling fan already installed.

Step 1: Parts

Unpack the light kit and make sure you have all the parts by checking the packing list. Make sure you have small wire nuts to make electrical connections.

Before starting, make sure you switch the circuit breaker off or pull the fuse that supplies the feeder power to the fan. This will remove all electrical power from the ceiling fan. Don't simply turn the wall switch off to remove power, as some ceiling fans have two separate power sources.

Step 2: Wiring

Put a stepladder under the ceiling fan in a safe position. You'll need to stand on the ladder for a few minutes while doing the installation, so make sure it is in a comfortable, stable position.

Take the bottom cover plate off the ceiling fan with a screwdriver. The screws that come with the set will differ depending on the manufacturer. Keep the smaller screws aside so you don't lose track of them.

Look at the wiring that is under the removed cover. You should see a white wire, a black wire, and a blue wire. The white wire is the neutral power wire. The black wire is the main power and the blue wire is connected to a switch on the ceiling fan.  

Connect the wires. The wires in the kit should be pre-stripped to the right size and the wires under the old fan should have a wire nut on them. Before proceeding, remove the existing wire nuts. Twist the two wipe wires together and put a wire nut over the bare wires to provide insulation.

Attach the black power wire from the fan to the black wire on the light kit. Use a wire nut to insulate the twisted pair of wires.

Take the blue wire from the ceiling fan if the new light kit does not have a switch on the fixture. You should find the blue wire coming from a pre-wired switch on the ceiling fan base above the new light kit's mounting area.  

Step 3: Attach the kit

Attach to the light kit to the bottom of the ceiling fan base with screws.

Install the glass reflectors by tightening the thumbscrews so that the glass reflectors are held securely in place. Don't use too much force, as this may cause the reflectors to crack or break.  

Install light bulbs according to the wattage requirements on the light kit. Turn on the electrical power and the ceiling fan to see if it works.