Installing Coil Spring Spacers

What You'll Need
Set of coil spring spacers
Flat head screwdriver
Floor jack with lift pad
4 jack stands
Ball joint separator
Rubber mallet
Large tarpaulin or old blanket

Installing coil spring spacers is important for your off-road car's handling and safety. The spacers provide you with a few inches of road clearance, without your having to replace anything else on your vehicle.

Step 1: Jack Up Your Vehicle Safely

Loosen the lug nuts on all 4 wheels a few turns before lifting the vehicle so that you can remove the wheels more easily. Place the jack with its lifter pad under the frame and lift the frame and rear wheels slowly off the ground. Place 2 jack stands under the frame near each wheel. Move the jack to the front of the vehicle and lift the front frame, placing the jack stands under the front frame as for the rear of the vehicle.

Step 2: Remove the Wheels and Shock Absorbers

Remove the wheels from the rear axle, then the front by undoing the lug nuts completely. Set the parts for each wheel aside in a group for easy replacement later.

Use the correct wrench to unbolt the shock absorbers and set them aside as well.

Step 3: Unfasten the Sway Bars

Release the sway bar cotter pins being careful not to bend them. Undo the castle nuts holding the sway bars in place with a socket wrench. Using the ball joint separator and a rubber mallet, lightly tap the ball joint to release the sway bars. Remove each of the sway bars, and place them to the side with their fasteners.

Step 4: Lower Rear Axle

Each coil spring has a disk called a retainer at its base. Remove these retainers to insert the spacers. Then, using the jack, lower the rear axle as far as it will go to allow space to insert the coil spring spacer. Ensure the axle stays on the jack as you lower it.

Step 5: Insert the Coil Spring Spacers

Starting with the left side, insert the coil spring spacer on top of the axle spring. Reinsert the retainer. Insert the right side coil spring spacer and put the spring retainer back in. Move the axle upward with the jack until the spacer meets the axle and the frame in the correct spot. Listen for a click to ensure each spacer is lodged solidly. Bring the jack to the front of the vehicle and repeat the installation process on the front axle.

Step 6: Reassemble the Suspension

Reattach the sway bars, shock absorbers and replace the wheels on the vehicle. Hand tighten the lug nuts only. Leave the vehicle jacked up safely until you have finished. Place the jack at the rear axle and lower it, removing the jack stands, then lower the front of the vehicle. Lastly, use the ratchet to tighten the wheel lug nuts securely.