Installing Concrete Edging

What You'll Need
Leveling tool
1x4 boards
Gardening hoe

Putting concrete edging or a mow curb in your yard is not a difficult process. There are actually mow curb machines that will mold an edge as it lays the concrete. People that install these usually charge by the foot and have a couple of different designs available. Other concrete edging options include using preformed concrete. Making one on your own will guarantee that your neighbor does not have the same one. It is easy to install on in your own yard as well. You will just need to dig, frame, mix and pour.

Step 1: Mark the Area

Use stakes and string to mark your area. This article describes completing a straight section of concrete edging.

Step 2: Trench Digging

Dig a 2-inch trench along the place you want the edging. You want the concrete to set on a dirt surface. Not on top of rocks or grass.

Step 3: Frame the Border

The border that we are creating will be simple with sharp angles. A higher skill level, as well as different supplies are required to mold the concrete into a more detailed design. Place the 1x4 boards along both edges of the trench. Drive the stakes into the ground to evenly hold the 1x4 boards in place. They should be in a straight line with the stakes on the outside of the frame. Make sure that you set the boards as wide as you want your edging.

Step 4: Concrete Mixing

Mixing your concrete will not be a difficult job. Use a shovel and a large bucket or wheelbarrow to mix it evenly. Mix according to the manufacturer’s directions. A quick setting concrete will work best for this job and allow you to move quickly.

Step 5: Pour and Level

Pour the concrete carefully into the frame. You are going to want the concrete to be level with the top of the frame. Use the leveling tool to tamp out air pockets and level the concrete to the top of the frame. Leave the end sloping so that you can pour the next batch of concrete over it. Do not allow the concrete to cure before you have completed the curb. If you must interrupt your project, end it with an even edge and start fresh when you are able to begin again. This style of edging does not take much concrete.

Step 6: Remove the Frame

Once the concrete is dry to the touch you can remove the frame work. Tap it loose with a hammer and pull the stakes from the ground. Repeat this until the entire frame is disassembled. Step back and look at your great new edging.

Concrete edging is very durable and can be molded into many different designs. The variety of colors and concrete applications could make the decision process a bit longer than other edging choices. No matter what edge you end up with you will enjoy years of durability with concrete edging.