Installing Concrete Pavers in Outdoor Stairs

Concrete pavers are used in a variety of ways to enhance the look of your home. You will usually find concrete pavers in a driveway or as part of a patio. You can use concrete pavers for your outdoor steps to make them appear like they were cut from stone or carefully created out of real stone. You can cover existing outdoor steps with concrete pavers but doing so can be somewhat difficult if not done properly. The article that follows will share with you tips, tricks and ideas on how to make installing concrete pavers to existing steps easier and safe.

Use a Level

One thing that can become very dangerous when using concrete pavers is doing so using uneven pavers. Not every paver you have will be completely smooth. This can create a very slick surface as well as make you be off balance. This, of course, can lead to someone tripping and falling down a flight of steps. When you are installing concrete pavers you want to use a level to make sure they are even with the other pavers on the steps.

Shave the Pavers

When a paver is too large on either side or are too tall then you can shave them down to size. You can use a concrete saw to do large cuts but you can do much finer work using a file. The trick is to go very slow and carefully so you do not ruin the concrete pavers. Shaving the pavers down is mostly trial and error but luckily if you make a mistake that paver may be used on another step.

Dry Fit

Prior to installing the concrete pavers you need to make sure that they all will fit and do so in a nice way. You want the pavers to frame and become part of the steps in a natural flow of the shapes. Never use harsh angles on the inside of the step; only soft and rounded sides. Save the harsh right angles for the edges of the steps.

Cover it All

When you set out to use concrete pavers on your steps you want them to look natural and not like concrete pavers just covering a step form. In order to do this you want to make sure that the entire step is covered by the pavers. The easiest way to do this is to place the pavers on the top of each step first. This will allow you to do the back of the step by resting the pavers on top of the top step pavers. The sides can be done last.

Treat it Like Stone

One problem that people have with installing concrete pavers on steps is treating them as some other material. Concrete is made out of stone in the first place and the pavers need to be installed as such. Use mortar and apply it directly to the steps and then place the pavers. Once they are on you then fill them with mortar to further attach them.