Installing Concrete Siding in 3 Steps

Concrete siding is a affordable, long-lasting alternative to other siding materials. It is considered one of the more environmentally friendly building materials for new homes. Having said that, concrete siding doesn’t handle the same way that wood siding does and may take a little more effort to install.

Step 1: Carry with Care

Concrete siding is much lighter than most siding materials and getting started takes little preparation in comparison to wood or vinyl siding. Remember, however, when carrying the material to your home from the delivery site, that it is quite flexible and should be handled delicately. Always hold it by the edges when moving. Because of its flexibility, it is much easier to work with than normal wood siding and is much more versatile as well.  

Step 2: Prep Your Home

Concrete siding is applied on a house in the same manner as vinyl and wood siding. You will have to prepare your walls before applying the material. Apply a liberal amount of adhesive on the siding before preparing to lay each piece of concrete onto the wall. Remember that you are sealing the entire wall to prevent water leakage and mold. Once you are ready to begin laying the siding, you may need to use caulking to seal the butts and joints to help prevent leakage.  

Step 3: Lay Them On

Once you have sealed the wall you are ready to begin mounting the siding. Layer each piece one by one, overlapping rows by about 1¼ inch. Continue this process from the bottom of the wall to the top until it is complete. Check to make sure that there are no gaps. If there are, apply additional sealant to prevent leakage. 

Use stainless steel nails to secure the siding to the wall and remember not to nail too close to the edges, as the cement will potentially break at that point. Other than that, you should have no problems hanging the siding.  

One of the benefits of using concrete siding is that it is designed to look like wood and can be painted with little wear or discoloration over time. Wait at least 24 hours before adding any finishing touches to your new concrete siding after installation. You should not have to worry about any additional maintenance.