Installing Curtain Rods on Corner Windows

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Step stool or ladder
Paper and pencil
Curtain rods and mounting hardware

Some people find the task of installing curtain rods on corner windows tedious and difficult. The good news is that, with these simple steps, you won’t find the process as hard as you originally thought. Along with these tips, you just need some extra patience and advanced preparation.

Step 1 – Plan how the curtains will hang

Even before you start with the project, you must first determine how you would want the curtains to hang. One option would be to have the curtains cover the entire window including the part of the window frame attached to the wall. Another option would be to cover only the window glass or only a part of it.

Step 2 – Start with the measurements

Using the measuring tape, measure the area where you want the curtain to hang. Include extra one-half inch on both sides to give ample space for hardware installation. Ensure that measurements are correct so that the curtains and accessories will fit perfectly to your window.

Step 3 – Buy the curtain rods and curtains

Bring the measurements you have taken to the store where you will buy the rod and curtains. Don’t trust your memory. Distractions may cause you to jumble up the figures and you might end up with curtains and rods that do not fit the window at all. A trusty pen and paper will come in handy for recording purposes. It would be great if you can buy curtain rods that are specifically made for corner windows.

Step 4 – Mount the curtain rods

When you finally have the curtain rods and curtains, you can start mounting the rods using the hardware that comes in the package. Place the hardware in the part of the window frame where the rod will be mounted. Mark the screw holes using a pen or pencil. Exercise caution when using the ladder or step stool. Use one that is sturdy and stable enough to hold your weight.

Step 5 – Drill holes

It would be a good idea to hold the hardware in place while you drill the screw holes. The best kind of drill to use for this purpose would be one that can drill the hole and put the screw in place at the same time. If not, use a screwdriver to finish mounting the hardware and rod. Same amount of care should be given for using power tools. This step can be skipped if you opt for a spring-tension rod that can be installed without having to drill holes into the wall.

Step 6 – Insert the curtain through the rod

If you are going to use a two-piece rod and a one-piece curtain, insert the curtain first into the first rod and then fit it into place before you continue to thread if through the rest of the rod. If you are going to use two-panel curtains and a one-piece rod, thread one panel halfway first then thread the other through the other end.