Installing Dormer Windows to a Hipped Roof Dormer

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Pencil and paper
Circular saw
Nail gun

A hipped dormer roof may have dormer windows installed on it. This type of roof has all the sides sloping down to the attic. No side is vertical, and there is no flat side or a flat roof. A typical square hipped roof makes a single point from where all the sides of roof slope down. Similarly, a rectangular hipped roof produces an edge for the projected length. Hipped roofs are practically very sturdy. These type of roofs are common in ranch-style homes and many cottages.

Dormers installed on the roof of a home can be made with sturdy structure and can be provided with windows. They can also be used to provide an additional area in a smaller attic or upper floor. Dormer windows will provide ample light to a  dark area and will enhance the aesthetic look of the house. Before installing a dormer window, you should first select the type of window to be fixed. Be sure to have a roof plan handy so you can refer to the locations and sections of the windows on all sides of the dormer.

Step1: Measuring the Size for Window

Check the frame on the wall where the window is to be installed. Use a tape measure to measure the height and width of the window to be fixed according to the size of frame.

Step 2: Ordering the Window

Select the type of window from a nearby home improvement store. Buy the size of the window you require.

Step 3: Checking the Window and Fins

Check the window you have purchased to ensure that that the fins around it are straight. Also check that there is no damage and that it can be properly opened and closed, if applicable.

Step 4: Installing the Window

Put a caulk bead over the backside of fins around the window all along its perimeter.  Set the window to its frame by placing the bottom of the window into the opening in the frame. Then incline it up to set.

Step 5: Fixing

Tack a nail in each corner of the fin to hold the window into its position. Do not hammer the nails completely into the wood frame; they should be able to just hold the window in its place.

Step 6: Leveling

Keep a level on top of the window so that it is level. Also check the window for plumb pan sides.

Step 7: Checking the Measurements

Measure both  diagonals  of  the window from corner to corner. Their measurements should be equal. If there is any difference, it should not exceed 1/16 inches.

Step 8: Final Fixing

Nail the window along the perimeter of the fin to securely fix it to the dormer frame.

Step 9: Completing the Installation

Cut the width and the length of the trim with a circular saw after measuring the width and length of the trim required. Set the trim all around the window in its position. Securely fix the trim using a nail gun.