Installing Faux Wood Blinds: 6 Tips

What You'll Need
Set or sets of faux wood blinds
Step ladder

Installing faux wood blinds adds a sharp and distinctive accent to any room décor. These faux wood blinds never warp or split. They will not chip or crack. They never fade with time regardless of being exposed to direct sunlight. Many are treated to be both dirt and dust resistant making them a lot easier to clean than regular metal or plastic blinds. Plus, they make a much more affordable choice compared to real wood blinds so adding them throughout the house shouldn’t break any budget. Follow these instructions for hanging faux wood blinds.

Step 1 – Select Your Blinds

Choices, choices and more choices are available when selecting your new faux wood blinds. Use the Internet to search for design ideas while comparing prices. Make sure the blinds you like are readily available either locally or through online ordering. A great tip to save money is to make sure if looking to order online you check shipping charges. This will increase your costs. Often times, though, you can order through your local home improvement website where shipping is made to the store and you pick up the item or items there without any shipping charges added. You also need to decide if you want the blinds mounted on the inside of the window casing or outside to make sure the blinds you order are the right size. If possible, have your blinds custom cut to fit your windows or otherwise special order them to your measurements.

Step 2 – Attach Mounting Brackets

After receiving your blinds, use the accompanying mounting brackets in the appropriates spots – either inside or outside the window casing depending on your choice.

Step 3 – Head Rail

Slide the head rail into the brackets after attaching the valance clips making sure to engage the retainers.

Step 4 – Attach Valance
Attach your valance to the head rail. Check out the blinds operation by opening and closing it and tilting the louvers both up and down.

Step 5 – Attach the Cord Cleat
Your faux wood blinds set may come with an optional wall cleat for the cord so you can attach to with the provided hardware. It may also have optional hold-down brackets that can be installed.

Step 6 – Shorten Length

You might need to shorten the length of the blinds by following the manufacturer’s directions included in the packaging.

Things to Remember

  • Your new faux wood blinds will fit well in rooms in your home experiencing high humidity such as the kitchen and bathroom. Since these blinds are simulated to look like wood, but are not, they do not suffer the same damaging characteristics that real wood does.
  • Make sure to clean the blinds periodically with a soft cloth, dusting mitt, feather duster or a vacuum blinds cleaning attachment.
  • Blinds come in a variety of colors that are designated by dye lots. Therefore, make a complete room purchase, at least, in order to ensure you match colors. Attempting to match a set of blinds to one already hanging may be difficult since dye lots vary quite frequently.