Installing Fiber Cement Siding on Your Garage: Mistakes to Avoid

Installing fiber cement siding onto your garage is a great alternative to wood or vinyl sidings. Fiber cement sidings can add an extra layer of protection to the garage, but there are some things that you should know about using this type of material in your home. When you are installing fiber cement siding, there are some simple mistakes which you should take care to avoid.

Don't Forget Lining

Installing fiber cement siding seems as though it will naturally waterproof your garage, but it is a good idea to begin your installation by including a layer of tar or vinyl paper below the siding. This will help act as a waterproof barrier, preventing moisture from being trapped behind the siding.

Don't Install Fiber Cement Siding First

Before you install the siding, you should remember to fit all of the other accessories. These will include things like corner boards, trimming for windows, flashing, and the starter strips. This should all be done before the siding itself is added.

Nail in the Middle

Fiber cement siding is tough and hard wearing, but if you add your nail too close to the edge of the siding, you can cause a crack or weakness which will eventually cause the siding to come away from the nail. Add your nails in the center of the board.