Installing Frameless Shower Doors In Your Bathroom

An updated bathroom.
  • 3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 500-1,000
What You'll Need
Glass door
Masonry bit
Masonry anchors

Frameless shower doors are a good option for stand alone showers. Frameless shower doors are made of heavy glass that gives the bathroom an impression of being much larger. These types of doors are very easy to clean and have a watertight seal that keeps the shower water inside the shower. Installation is an easy process and can be done within a few hours.


Since you are going to be working with a heavy glass door some safety precautions are necessary. If you can, work with a partner to help you move the door and set it in place. Wear gloves when carrying the door in the event that an accident does happen causing the glass to break.

Step 1 - Decide Which Way Door Will Open

A frameless shower door does not have a set direction in which it can open. You can choose which direction the door will open according to the set up of your bathroom. By simply mounting it on the right of the left will determine if the door will open in the shower or outside the shower. Make sure the door will not hit anything when it is open.

Step 2 - Install the Hinges

Place the glass shower door on a set of shims to raise it to the correct height. While it is resting there, mark the locations of the hinges with a pencil on the tile. Take away the door and place it in an area where it will not break. Using a drill, with a masonry bit, drill into the tile of the shower wall. After you have drilled the holes then insert the masonry anchors. Attach the hinges with 2" screws making sure the hinge stays level.

Step 3 - Set Door in Place

Set the door back on the shims to the correct height of the hinges. Mark the positioning of the holes for the pins and remove the door. Drill carefully into the tile making sure not to drill into any drywall, cement board, or wood. Once the holes have been drilled, insert the anchors cutting off the excess. Insert the door in place and screw in the set screws onto the glass.

Step 4 - Install Shower Door Handle

There are two ways that shower door handles are installed. The first is with a pre-drilled hole in the door that the mounting hardware is screwed to. If this is the case, then use some silicone caulking on the screw before you screw it into the door to form a water tight seal. The second way to install frameless shower doors is through an adhesive that it is already on the handle. Pull back the protective tape and adhere it to the door.

Step 5 - Clean Door

Once the shower door has been installed, give it a good cleaning with a glass cleaner. This will form a protective barrier for the first few showers. After the first few showers, then give the glass door a rub down to get the residual water and soap off the door to prevent streaks.