Installing Garage Exhaust Fans: Mistakes to Avoid

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Garage exhaust fans are designed to ensure that dangerous fumes and gasses are removed from the inside of your garage. If you spend a lot of time in the garage, or it doubles as a utility room, then you will need to fit an exhaust fan to an outside wall. In order to get the best from garage exhaust fans, there are some simple installation tips you should follow to avoid mistakes.

Size of Fan

A common installation mistake is to put in the wrong kind of fan. Smaller fans might look easier to fit into the wall, but if you have a large garage with lots of fume-producing items, a small fan might not take out enough fumes to be safe. Talk to an expert if you are unsure.

Location of Fan

Putting the fan on an outside wall seems easy enough, but you need to be careful not to fit the fan to a wall which faces a neighbor's windows, or which is very close to a fence. The fumes might be funneled upwards and enter nearby homes. You also need to avoid putting it onto the garage door wall, as the fan could interfere with the mechanism of the door.